*2023 Results: Approx. 99% of Mark Zinck's clients avoided a criminal record (conviction) for charges of theft, fraud, assault, mischief and threats.

Bar Fights/Incidents Lawyer: Alcohol Intoxication Related Charges of Assault, Uttering Threats, and Mischief

The accused is often drunk, blacked out, and does not later remember what happened when sober. Sometimes CCTV/video can help them if they act immediately.

People are often drunk in bars and nightclubs which leads to fights (assault charges), alleged illegal statements (uttering threats), and damage to doors, windows, vehicles and other property of bars and clubs (mischief). A “bar fight” may result in one of or a combination of these forms of criminal charges. The person charged may have blacked out after the incident and have virtually no memory of what happened. Sometimes they wake up in the hospital with paperwork from the police (Form 9 Appearance Notice or Form 10 Undertaking) requiring them to attend for fingerprints along with a mugshot and attend court.

Many bars, nightclubs and restaurants have CCTV surveillance footage that may exonerate the accused. Anyone who receives a court date for such offences (be it assault, threats, mischief, theft, etc.) should contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately as video evidence of their innocence could be deleted and lost forever. Most businesses and government entities will delete CCTV video footage after 30 to 60 days unless requests are made to preserve them.

Anyone charged with an alcohol intoxication incident should understand that time is of the essence in their case. Evidence that may prove them innocent in court could be deleted. If you were drunk and charged with assault, uttering threats, mischief or any other offences you should contact a criminal lawyer immediately.

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*2023 Results: the percentage of 99% of clients avoiding a criminal record (conviction) stated on this page is based solely on Lawyer Mark Zinck's personal representation of approximately 2000 criminal defence case clients as of the year 2023. Past results are not necessarily an indication of future results.


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